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Full list of covered topics is as follows: 

M01: Introduction and Cockpit Orientation

M02: Cold Start (including INS alignment)

M03: Takeoff and Basic Handling

M04: Conventional Landing

M05: Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL)

M06: Vertical Takeoff and Landing (including rolling version)

M07: Aerial Refueling

M08: FARP Operations

M09: LHA Case I Takeoff and Landing

M10: Advanced Handling

M11: Navigation

M12: Stores Programming

M13: Dual-Mode Tracker, ARBS/TV, and AN/AAQ-28 LITENING II

M14: GAU-12/U and Unguided Rockets

M15: General Purpose Bombs

M16: Precision-Guided Munitions

M17: AGM-65 Maverick and AGM-122 Sidearm

M18: Air-to-air

M19: Night Systems

M20: Countermeasures (CMS)

Comprehensive set of fully voiced over, in-depth training missions for RAZBAM's AV-8B Night Attack jet. Developed in cooperation with former USMC Aviation Weapons and Tactics Instructor and with help of active duty Harrier pilot, these missions offer a perfect way of mastering this difficult aircraft. 

Each mission comes with different shorter versions, allowing you to jump into the pit in order to learn or refresh only specific part of the given lesson. Some also offer various weather conditions or possibility to go through the same training during the day or at night. Full list of covered topics is as follows: 


Training AAR on Mudspike by BeachAV8R


Well maybe to expand a little on that: I have never had as much fun doing the DCS Training Missions as with the ones for the Harrier. I bought the AV8B when it first came out but put it aside after seeing how incomplete it was and how "ham handed" I was handling it. Coming back to it two years later is almost like having Christmas all over again and discovery your training missions is making it much easier than the first time with only a few Youtube videos to watch."


TWC_Alamo (ED Forums)

"Bought the Harrier module a while ago, but haven't got into it because of the Hornet and the Tomcat. That was a bad decision!
I am so impressed by the cockpit, flight model etc., but in particular, I want to say a massive thanks to RAZBAM for producing THE BEST interactive training missions anywhere on DCS!

If any devs - including ED - want to know how to do training missions, just take a look at any of the ones done for the Harrier.
From the crystal clear instructions, to the whole 'space bar' interaction, from the depth of instruction to the context that each subject is put into, I am so impressed.

So many devs just don't do the 'press space bar' aspect well, and a prime example is the Hornet, where if you press just a fraction too early, the lesson is confused. You have to somehow go back to previous selections on menus and try again, etc. RAZBAM have done this so well, that I have not experienced one of those type issues so far. 
Keep up the fantastic work guys!"

Imacken (ED Forums)

"Have to say also super impressed with the training missions, sets a new standard. Thanks for the work!"

Sniper175 (ED Forums)

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