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In the sections below, you will find all the projects that I have started working on, but which are not yet finished. Where available, I will be giving a tentative release date, but please bear in mind this is always subject to change. If you have any questions or would like to get more information, feel free to reach out to me using the communication channels listed at the bottom of the page. 

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Iron flag part 2

Map NTTR SQ A.png
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We are slowly working our way through the second part of the Iron Flag campaign, however there is no tentative release date yet. We have lined up what we want to include though, and that would be: 

- dropping bombs in CCIP mode

- dropping bombs in CCRP mode

- using GBUs

- effective use of countermeasures

- using of dumb and laser - guided rockets

- using mavericks

- working with JTAC

- evaluation of skills acquired in both parts of the campaign. 

I will be sharing more news about the progress as we go. 




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Map Marianas.png
A-10 SP.png
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The Raven One: Combat Wingman campaign for the F/A-18C Hornet will be a third part of the series based on excellent novel by Kevin Miller and developed in cooperation with the author and Vincent 'Jell-O' Aiello, former Topgun instructor and host of the Fighter Pilot Podcast. Both are also experienced Hornet drivers with over 3 000 hours each.

Raven One: Combat Wingman will take place before the original Raven One campaign and will focus on training of player as a new arrival to the squadron before it goes on deployment. Included missions will offer a comprehensive set of authentic scenarios during which you will have an opportunity to learn various aspects of flying the Hornet and using her systems to the largest extent possible. 

The campaign will feature a full set of characters from the novel, including Cajun, Flip (although this time not as player) and everyone's favourite - Saint. 

Raven One campaign is based on an excellent novel by Kevin Miller, retired Navy Captain. In his carrier, Kevin flew the A-7E Corsair II and FA-18C Hornet, deploying overseas six times throughout the 1980’s and 90’s aboard the aircraft carriers Nimitz, Dwight D. Eisenhower, George Washington. 


Raven One places you with Wilson in the cockpit of a carrier-based FA-18 Hornet…and in the ready rooms and bunkrooms of men and women who struggle with their fears and uncertainty in this new way of war. They must all survive a Middle-East deployment that takes a sudden and unexpected turn when Washington orders Valley Forge to respond to a crisis no one saw coming. The world watches – and holds its breath...

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Map Kola.png
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The Arctic Thunder campaign will put you in the shoes of a Finnish Air Force F/A-18C pilot during a fictional conflict between NATO and Russia taking place in February 2024. With a stalemate in Ukraine that looks likely to continue, Kremlin decides to use an old "escalate to de-escalate" strategy and decides to attack Finland, one of the newest NATO members.

The campaign is part of the promotion of the Kola map developed by Orbx and is a two - pronged project, with the other part being a campaign for an USAF F-16C, which is being built by Reflected Simulations. 

Both sets of missions will focus on the same conflict and some of the very same sorties, offering players a chance to experience them from two different perspectives. For example in one of the missions a Finnish Hornet gets shot down and the pilot is later protected by the American Vipers until the rescue helicopter arrives. If you as a player get both campaigns, you will be able to take part in the same situation as wingman of the stricken F/A-18 driver or as Sandy onboard the F-16. 

The campaign will consist of 10 missions with over 3200 custom voice overs, detailed briefings and documents. 

It should be available in Q4 2024, as we need the winter textures to be able to properly prepare and test everything. 


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Apache training.png


Map SQ yria.jpg
A-10 SP.png
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The training campaign for the iconic AH-64 Apache is being developed jointly with Casmo, former Apache and Kiowa Warrior pilot. It will follow the same logic as the Iron Flag for A-10C or Combat Wingman for the F-18C described above - offering a comprehensive and in-depth training in an authentic and interesting setting. 

This campaign will focus solely on the operations from the pilot's (back) seat, and if there is interest among the players will be followed by another one flown exclusively from the front seat. 

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