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The DLC campaigns for the DCS World are at the core of what I do as 3rd party developer. Throughout the years I have been working with current and former US Air Force and US Navy pilots, Subject Matter Experts, SOF operators, Air Traffic Controllers and other people whose experience is crucial in making my missions as realistic as possible, while keeping them fun to play.


Below you will find all  the titles available to buy by the type of aircraft:




Iron flag part 1

Map NTTR SQ A.png
A-10 SP.png
Price 1099.png

Iron Flag is a training campaign for the A-10C II Tank Killer module. The goal of Iron Flag is to expand on the training missions that come with it and teach you new things not found there. Also, go more in-depth on some of the things that are included with the module and explain some of the tactics and rationale behind employing the A-10 C, its systems, and weapons so that you and your Hog emerge more lethal!


Baltic Dragon and Nicholas Barnwell, authors of the campaign, tried to make Iron Flag as realistic as possible, given the limitations within DCS and their knowledge. They have leaned on real civilian and USAF pilots, including a few A-10 drivers, other subject matter experts, and many within the DCS community to help them bring you the definitive A-10 training experience.


Iron Flag Part 1 is split into 10 Training missions that focus heavily on many of the systems used for flight, navigation, and emergencies, including CDU functionality and usage, TACAN navigation, ILS landing, emergency flight control (MRFCS) usage, TAD/SADL functionality, and everyone's favorite: Aerial Refueling.


Part 1 of the campaign also introduces you to effective employment of the A-10C and its weapons, with missions focusing on DSMS and CMSP systems, TGP usage/functionality, Air-to-Air application of the gun, and AIM-9M and of course using the GAU-8/A in its intended Air-to-Ground role! The combat employment will be covered in more depth in the second part of the campaign.


The campaign features:

-  10 fully voiced-over missions

-  almost 3800 voiceovers (totaling nearly 9 hours of audio)

- custom made maps, briefings, and kneeboards that will help you immerse into the missions and follow the training


"[...] I cannot recommend your work highly enough. I cannot think of any group that would not totally enjoy the experience, get brilliant training from it, have eyes opened to the nuances of a jet like the A10C and simply just find themselves smiling from the minute they get in the 'pit (see, I'm getting a bit cocky now that I think I know the lingo) until the moment they get back to Thunder and shut the jet down. Bravo! This is simply a fabulous package.." PoliticalPuffin (ED Forums)

"Iron Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon complete. Absolutely fabulous! If you are thinking of buying the A-10C2 make sure you pick up this excellent (non-weapons) training campaign at the same time. You will not regret it! Going out with a bang on the final mission of the campaign. Looking forward to meeting BIFF again in Part 2" Curtis Chapman (DCS Group / Facebook)

"Undoubtedly the best training aid for the A10 on the market imo. Baltic Dragon see there’s 2 of us now after part 2". Mike Donovan (DCS Group / Facebook)

the enemy within 3.0

Map Caucasus SQ A.png
A-10 SP.png
Price 999.png

The Enemy Within 3.0 is a complete remake of the critically-acclaimed The Enemy Within campaign for the A-10C Warthog.

This story-driven campaign puts you in cockpit of the Warthog as part of a small, 6-ship US detachment sent to Georgia. Your mission is to help contain a growing threat from a terrorist organization calling itself the "Caucasus Liberation Army" (CLA). As the story unfolds, you will be faced with a variety of challenges, including close air support, precision strikes, combat search and rescue, anti-ship strikes, and even air to air combat.

Striving to be as realistic as possible, the units featured in the campaign are based on their real-life counterparts. It also uses a sophisticated radio control system, meaning that you must tune your on-board radios to the correct frequency to hear the more than 2000 custom voiceovers available throughout 21 missions.

Compared to the original campaign, version 3.0 offers following great additions and changes:

  • 20 out of 21 missions have been rewritten from scratch. This includes the course of action, dialogues, briefings and background information.

  • More than 2/3 of the missions take place in different locations than the original ones, and most feature different challenges and enemies to provide a completely new experience, 3 entirely new missions that are designed to complement and extend the storyline.

  • The 8 pilot and 3 commander characters featured throughout the campaign have almost 4x more custom voiceovers (over 2100).

  • Additional documents and custom kneeboard pages are available for each sortie.


"I've just flown M21 and finished the campaign, so please allow me to congratulate you and your entire team on an excellent piece of work! Every mission is brilliant - the scenarios make sense, and the storytelling over the course of the campaign holds together. The voice-acting is great, and the campaign has some pretty challenging tactical and aviation tasks for us too. This has made any BD campaign a definite buy for me! Thanks for all your hard work!"

Teeps (ED Forums)

"Great campaign, very detailed and awesome voice acting. One of the best add on campaigns for DCS in my opinion."

YoYo (TEW 3.0 Steam Page)




Raven One Book.png


Map PG SQ A.png
A-10 SP.png
Price 1399.png

The Raven One campaign for the F/A-18C Hornet is based on the bestselling novel of the same title. This campaign was developed with the active participation of author Kevin Miller and Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello, host of the Fighter Pilot Podcast. Both are retired U.S. Navy Hornet pilots, each with over 3,000 career flight hours and numerous overseas deployments.

The campaign faithfully recreates sorties from the book, while adding additional ones related to the action, for a total of 15 immersive, fully voiced-over missions. Each script was carefully checked by Kevin and Vincent to ensure the most realistic experience available in DCS.

Finally, the campaign utilizes innovative solutions, making in-game AI more responsive and predictive. It will also have a limited save-game capability during the campaign gameplay, as some missions may take two or more hours to complete.


  • 15 story – driven missions 

  • Over 2200 recorded lines performed by over 50 voice actors

  • All main characters from the "Raven One" novel

  • Mission briefings supplementing and extending the ones described in the book, written in close cooperation with Kevin Miller

  • Highly detailed and realistic maps, kneeboards and other documents based on real-life counterparts

  • All major types of missions: CAP, CAS, SEAD, ground and surface strikes, Alert – 7 and Alert – 30 launches, Sea Surface Search Control, air interceptions and others


Finished the campaign last night. As a former Navy officer (P-3 pilot), I can say that I haven't seen anything else anywhere in a flight sim that even touches on the realism of this campaign. Extremely immersive and enjoyable. jmarso (ED Forums)

"So, for the ‘experience’ we’re getting as virtual pilots, I’m giving Raven One a 5/5. The voice overs, the plot, the briefings, the multiple scripts making us feel ‘a part’ of what is actually happening – AWESOME." nikos86 (ED Forums)

I"'ve found this campaign to be excellent. The authentic feel has been exactly what I've wanted in a DCS campaign. From the kneeboards to the comms, to the uncertain and unpredictable feel to the missions, this is a campaign I'd recommend to anyone who wants more than airquake."

DCSwithLovo (ED Forums)

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