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"Crime and Punishment" is a free campaign taking place in the early sixties.


As a part of  MiG-19P demo team, you come with your squadron to Mozdok for New Year show. However, on 1st of January 1963 pilots wake up to a completely new reality... as it turns out, overnight the rebels have overthrown legitimate authorities of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, severed all lines of communications and taken over aircraft, assets and one of the first available SA-2 SAM systems positioned around Tbilisi. 

As only mission - capable squadron in the area, it falls on the shoulders of the Demo Team pilots to take the burden of fighting the separatists and supporting dispersed clusters of forces loyal to Moscow until reinforcements arrive. 

Key Features:

  • 10 story - driven missions, covering air to air and air to ground engagements;

  • Custom briefings and kneeboard pages;

  • Nearly 400 custom voice-overs and thousands of triggers;

  • Era-accurate comms and callsigns;

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Best campaign moments by Sydy

Official MiG-19P trailer by RAZBAM Simulations


"Just wanted to say thank You for this campaign for the Mig 19!

Really well done, I enjoy it very much and if You are planning to make more, I would be one of those who would pay for new campaigns and mission for the Mig-19".

DataX (ED Forums)

"Just finished the campaign. Pretty nice and entertaining. 10 kills total and 7 ground tgts destroyed. I will make a movie about the 10 missions and I hope it is not a big spoiler.

Congratulations for you and all the players that did a voice role on it. Many known names in the final list."


Sydy (ED Forums)

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