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The M-2000C Campaign that comes with the module puts you in the shoes of USAF exchange pilot, temporarily joining the 2/5 Squadron on an assignment in Georgia.


What was planned to be a refreshment course in a middle of low-threat police mission along the Administrative Boundary Line between breakaway territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, quickly evolves into an armed conflict where our main character will have to test his skills against airborne and ground threats. 

The campaign is roughly divided in two parts. First one is more focused on honing your skills and expanding on the things you have learned in the dedicated training missions (it is strongly advised that you fly these first). Therefore you can expect to get additional information on systems that were already covered as well as on new aspects of flying the M-2000C. As the campaign progresses, the storyline evolves with it and slowly changes focus from training to more substantial duties.

It consists of 13 mission, over 1000 voiceovers, dozens of pages of briefings, kneeboards and additional information. 

The campaign is not excessively difficult if you talk about number of enemy assets and tasks that are given to the player. However, it is very complex and will require good preparation from your side, including reading the briefings, taking notes, listening to the comms and following orders. 

The story presented here is continued in the M-2000C Red Flag, with some of the characters common for both.  

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Campaign review on by Erik "Einstein" Pierce

"I will never forget weaving through a canyon and popping up to deliver an LGB, lased by a JTAC, onto a tank. Justly considered the gold standard for DCS campaigns"

Tim "Stretch" Morgan (DCS Michelin Guide 2019)

"I've just completed the campaign, and it was a blast! It's really a higher standard than current campaigns provided with other aircraft, some of which being already good to start with. So thanks a lot to Baltic Dragon for creating this, and to Razbam for including it with this fantastic aircraft!


The immersion is very good, the interaction between the different groups is well managed and participates to this immersion. Even if that's sometimes difficult with the current AI there wasn't serious issues, nice.


The documentation in the briefings and kneeboard pages is also very well done, it's concise, easy to go through during the mission, the story gives an interesting background. There are some inconsistencies but very minor (for instance METAR vs briefing winds / atm. pressure, or some INS coordinates, radial intercept, nothing really problematic). Overall it's very comprehensive.


Another neat quality is the progression of the difficulty, it's quite even and that's one of those campaigns that makes you learn the aircraft a little further, bit by bit (if you don't already know it in details from the beginning of course). Or your limitations, I discovered that I'm really bad at defeating Fulcrums and at using INS bombing"

Redglyph (Eagle Dynamics Forum)

"Just finished the campaign, and I loved it ! I loved the immersion, the French accents (ok it's a biased opinion, I'm French), the increasing difficulty which was not unbearable in the end, and even if I experienced a few quirks here and there (mostly because of my lack of radio discipline) this campaign is top notch"

lolwut845 (Eagle Dynamics Forum)

"Having only picked up the M2000 recently I have to commend you on a great campaign. It worked brilliantly as a supplement to the training materials and helped to ease you in to the aircraft. Whilst also having a good balance of complexity, story and most importantly fun!


Having played through several campaigns now for various modules, both “free” with the aircraft and premium purchases; like many have said before, I agree that this is one of the best examples of how to do it.


Some of the little touches really added to the experience such as the designated start and end positions, and the need for radio management."

Sanatog (Eagle Dynamics Forum)

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