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Two sets of training missions available both for Caucasus and NTTR maps, differing with one mission between them (in Caucasus you get ILS / TACAN training, while in Nevada last missions prepares you for the Red Flag campaign).


You will learn how to start up the jet, how to navigate, use your radar, employ air to air and air to ground weapons and many other things. 

The basic knowledge you get by flying these missions is then expanded in a more operational way in the Caucasus Campaign which is included with the module. 

It is recommended that you read relevant parts of the M-2000C manual before going into the training.

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The M-2000C manual has been re-written from the ground - up and is constantly updated to reflect the latest version of the module. 

You can find it in the Docs folder in Mods/Aircraft/M-2000C directory in DCS World install location, or you can click on the cover on the left.

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