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M-2000C Coup d'Etat mini-campaign is a story - driven, short description of events taking place in the Strait of Hormuz a few months before the Red Flag kicks off. As the civil war breaks out in the United Arab Emirates, French C-130 transport plane gets shot down by the rebels over northern Omani territory. 

As part of a small French Air Force detachment, you are tasked with locating the crash site, securing it, finding survivors and making sure that Special Operations Forces sent to rescue them are allowed to finish their job. During the span of 3 missions, you will cooperate with Army Gazelles, British Apache attack helicopters and JTAC as well as other allies in order to bring the fellow pilots home safely. 

This is also first, introductory campaign in the Strait of Hormuz series that will guide you through events taking place in the Gulf - civil war in the UAE fuelled by Iran, which will ultimately lead to an armed standoff between the country and Western powers.

All three campaign missions have also been converted to multiplayer - you can hop into the pit of beautiful Mirage together with a friend.

Single - player campaign is available within DCS under Campaigns -> M-2000C.

Multi player missions can be found in Single Missions -> M-2000C. 

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