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The Georgian War" is a fictional campaign created by Chris "Viper" Long and Baltic Dragon, and is inspired by real events that took place during the Russo-Georgian War of 2008.

This campaign puts you in the role of a pilot who arrives in Tbilisi as part of a small detachment intended to present the capabilities of the F-15C to the Georgian government, which has expressed interest in purchasing several airframes. You and your colleagues are caught by surprise when armed conflict breaks out. As the fighting escalates, your small group is drawn into the war.

Throughout the campaign's 16 missions, the authors recreate some of the real-life events that happened between the 8th and 13th of August 2008. The fictionalized events presented in this campaign are based on extensive research from numerous Western and Russian publications, interviews with people who were directly involved on both sides, and several visits to the ABL (Administrative Boundary Line) with South Ossetia. The campaign aims to capture the pivotal moments of the 2008 war from a military perspective.

Key Features:

  • 16 story - driven missions with some factual events from the 2008 Russo - Georgian war in the background

  • Historically - accurate descriptions of the situation on the ground and on the front line for the specific date and time when the mission takes place

  • Extensive briefings based on real life FRAGOs (Fragmentary Orders), as well as tactical maps

  • Over 1,500 custom voice-overs and thousands of triggers

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Official trailer of the campaign

Campaign preview by Ralfidude


Campaign review on

"Fantastic. A must-own for F15-C fans.
This campagin gives an engaging story. The missions are somehow both open world as well as perfectly scripted. Far superior to the campains built into FC-3."

PlanR (Steam)

"Exceptional campaign. By far the best I have played with the F-15C campaigns available. Had an absolute blast. Got a VR setup halfway through which made it even more emmersive. Had no bugs, some missions were easy and some were hard but if you learnt from your mission failures you can and do get through them with a bit of smart thinking and it makes you a better pilot.

Awesome graphics and scenery and the narrative never got tiring. Just cant rate it enough and well worth it. Hope to see many more."

NutCracker (Steam)

"Words cannot describe just how good this campaign is. It brings DCS to a whole new level. The story is well thought out and immersive, missions brilliantly planned and integrated, and voice acting is at least as good if not better than in Hollywood movies. Sometimes it even feels like you are watching a good movie, except now it all depends on what you are doing. Even the longest flights are never boring; there are plenty of surprises.

After finishing it feels like I’ve just finished watching an incredible series or finished reading extraordinary book.
(In fact it is so good that I’ve bought M-2000C and A-10C just so I could try other campaigns from the same developers)."

TrashPanda1337 (Steam)

"What an amazing campaign. The voice recordings throughout made it seem like being a real F-15C pilot during a real conflict. There is some interesting information to learn by listening to the conversations between the Flight Commander (the Player; you) and the Wingman. The mission code was flawless and the map is all Fog of War which makes it interesting. Some missions were very challenging and I had to learn the hard way not to go head to head with the MiG-31 FoxHound.


The Georgian War campaign module for the F-15C made my DCS World experience so worth the hours I put in learning to fly, navigate, land the aircraft, and operate the radar, read the RWR, and utilize the weapon systems. I would say this is a must have for anyone who has the F-15C or Flaming Cliffs 3 modules. Thank you much to all those who put this awesome campaign together."

Thalvid (ED Forums)

I've just finished the campaign. Totally loved it, I bought it a couple months ago (I haven't played "too much" and I started learning to fly with the F15 so I'm still a noob, that's probably why it took me so long), and I've enjoyed every second of it. Really inmersive, I felt bad every time wingman went down (luckily he is some kind of inmortal guy and he resurrects every time... )

And that credits at the end, with the sun rising? I was considering buying the Mirage, and now as I read you did a second part of the campaign for that module, I feel obliged to buy it!

Darcaem (ED Forums)

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