"Operation Pontus" is a story driven dynamic DLC campaign that puts you in the seat of the legendary F/A-18C Hornet. As the Commanding Officer (CO) of the VFA-131 (aka "Wildcats”), you will have to plan, design and execute various demanding missions for your squadron, day and night with different weather conditions against an intelligent and adaptive enemy.

Your ship, USS George Washington (CVN-73) has just anchored a few miles out of the Georgian – Turkish border and is ready to take action to put an end to a civil war that threatens to set the whole region on fire.

Your decisions and performance will determine the progress of the campaign, number of missions, enemy activity, allied morale and the final outcome of the war.

"Operation Pontus” main campaign features:

  • Up to 30 missions (total number is based on your success rate). 

  • Introducing a new Gameplay style based on the DCS World mission planner.

  • Dynamic Briefings and SITREPs.

  • Decision making and planning.

  • Over 1000 voiceovers creating a dynamic environment.

  • Full use of DCS: Supercarrier.


"Every decision counts... Start' em Up!”

Developed jointly with 373vFS_Greg and 373vFS_Petritis (know for their Huey "Argo" campaign. 

NOTE:  this campaign requires DCS Supercarrier module to run.

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