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File version: BETA 04

Last updated: 24/07/2019

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The Enemy 3.0 MP is a free, complex mission for up to 4 players based on the storyline of the Enemy Within 3.0 DLC campaign. 

It covers several missions from the campaign and introduces some others and is / will be updated and enriched with time.

After take off, Dodge flight is assigned one of three randomly chosen killboxes, in which random group of enemy units will spawn - which gives dozens of different combinations, making each sortie different. A friendly UAV is on station above the AO and calls spotted enemy units in real time. 

Moreover, there are 4 different scripted events (many more will be added), two of which are taken from the single player campaign, with the other two being written / developed specifically for the MP mission. 

All interaction with other units (Overlord, UAV, ground forces etc) is handled via the F10 radio menu and all of their responses are fully voiced over. 

The mission is free for all the users, feel free to grab it and give it a try!

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