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Expected Release Date (P1):

 Q3 2021

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The IRON FLAG training campaing will be set in the NTTR and will be aimed mainly at new players, containing around 20 missions with all the basic information and instructions required to master all the systems that would be useful in mostly (but not only) single player flying in the A-10. 

Judging by many posts in Eagle Dynamics forums, there is a need for such a campaign, after which one could either test his skills in excellent Basic Flight Training Qualification campaign by MapleFlag or in the Enemy Within 3.0. 

Apart from the instructions and interactive trainings each mission will contain a part in which you will have to put the newly acquired knowledge to use and fulfil different tasks given to you by your Instructor Pilot (IP). Last few missions will simulate a complex battlefield where once again you will have to prove that you know how to effectively use the Hog. 

Moreover, the campaign will have its own storyline and will be first in series of linked campaigns sharing the same background (international situation) as well as some of the characters (from M-2000C stock campaign, M-2000C Red Flag and M-2000C Coup d'Etat campaigns). 

IRON FLAG will be released in two parts, each containing 10 missions. First one will focus on: startup and systems description, radio use, navigation (in-depth, including waypoint attributes etc.), TACAN, ILS, Manual Reversion, DSMS, weapons preparation, GAU-8 Avenger cannon use, TGP, LASTE, fence in / fence out procedures, rockets use and air to air basics. 

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A teaser video launched during campaign announcement


Review of the first mission of the campaign done by Bunyap


Exclusive review of the fourth mission of the campaign by BeachAV8R - featuring

2 A-10C flyover in Vegas during 4th of July celebrations!



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