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Iron Flag is a training campaign for the A-10C II Tank Killer module. The goal of Iron Flag is to expand on the training missions that come with it and teach you new things not found there. Also, go more in-depth on some of the things that are included with the module and explain some of the tactics and rationale behind employing the A-10 C, its systems, and weapons so that you and your Hog emerge more lethal!


Baltic Dragon and Nicholas Barnwell, authors of the campaign, tried to make Iron Flag as realistic as possible, given the limitations within DCS and their knowledge. They have leaned on real civilian and USAF pilots, including a few A-10 drivers, other subject matter experts, and many within the DCS community to help them bring you the definitive A-10 training experience.


Iron Flag Part 1 is split into 10 Training missions that focus heavily on many of the systems used for flight, navigation, and emergencies, including CDU functionality and usage, TACAN navigation, ILS landing, emergency flight control (MRFCS) usage, TAD/SADL functionality, and everyone's favorite: Aerial Refueling.


Part 1 of the campaign also introduces you to effective employment of the A-10C and its weapons, with missions focusing on DSMS and CMSP systems, TGP usage/functionality, Air-to-Air application of the gun, and AIM-9M and of course using the GAU-8/A in its intended Air-to-Ground role! The combat employment will be covered in more depth in the second part of the campaign.


The campaign features:

- 10 fully voiced-over missions

- almost 3800 voiceovers (totaling nearly 9 hours of audio)

- custom made maps, briefings, and kneeboards that will help you immerse into the missions and follow the training

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A teaser video launched during campaign announcement


Review of the first mission of the campaign done by Bunyap


Exclusive review of the fourth mission of the campaign by BeachAV8R - featuring

2 A-10C flyover in Vegas during 4th of July celebrations!



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